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Photography & Video Production Services | Beeanerd

We strive to innovate on traditional forms of advertising with aerial filming and marketing strategists, finding fun and creative ways to captivate your audience. Get stunning marketing material to create the next level of direct marketing.

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We blend creative needs with marketing goals and objectives. Here, photography reflects the essence of your brand, working as part of a sustainable, cost-effective overall marketing strategy.

Video Production

There’s no doubt that video content and marketing, in particular, are the future of online marketing. Just having a nice website and posting some cool looking photos of your restaurant, the menu, the kitchen, some dishes do not cut it anymore.

Video content is all the rage nowadays. Regardless of what business or niche you are in.

I see that you mean business, so let’s get straight to the point.

1 . A half to full day of shooting
However much time you need- for us to film different scenes to make your video compelling

2. Multiple revisions

For you to be able to provide feedback once you view the videos to make sure we do everything we can to fulfill your vision

3. 100% Satisfaction or your money back

Having video on your website and social media channels has actually been proven to increase the chances of your online visitors reaching out to hire you by 58-83%.

We love to film, We love to fly

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