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The Means of Benefiting others Coincides with that which is Beneficial to Ourselves

We Connect you with the people who will love your business

We offer an assortment of marketing services in order to garner sufficient capital, so as to be able to assist others who cannot afford them. Primarily local nonprofits and community-based organizations that don’t have the resources or time to invest in a digital presence. 

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The Hive Mind

We work collectively and efficiently to finish any project in both a timely and quality manner. We’ve been working together for some time and thus know each individuals strengths and how to implement them in our work.

Communication and Satisfaction

Creating a design is not an end in itself, but a means. We understand how to go about this process with proper client correspondence. Your satisfaction being our ultimate objective.

Dedicated and Professional

In working with us you’ll bee working with professional certified designers and engineers. All of whom are dedicated to making only the highest quality products.

Our Story

We’re a hive of nerds who can take care of all your business’s marketing needs.

We know how important local business is to our community and thus our primary goal is and always will be to help you. 

In order to do so, we specialize in understanding and enticing your target audience in a wide variety of ways.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned from living in such a hive, it’s that doing anything alone is quite difficult, let alone running a business. And that in order to be successful one must work together with others that have different skill sets.

Here’s the real problem; the traditional means of reaching potential clients are rapidly becoming less effective and it’s an incredibly daunting task to navigate all the ins and outs of social media today. 

Big businesses can afford to directly employ Big agencies, who’s sole focus is digital marketing yet smaller business don’t have the resources nor time to learn the ropes, let alone divert such effort that could be allocated in their clients.

That’s why we created Beeanerd.  

That’s why we are here. To offer you services that you don’t specialize in, but we do. We guarantee that you’ll like the results in working with us; after all our fates are intertwined, just as bees we believe in cooperation and view our business as your business. The results are just as important to us as they are to you, that’s how bees work, that’s the hive mind.

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Company's Leaders

Adolfo Melgarejo

Web Developer & SEO Specialist

Will enhance your website performance SEO so that it ranks well on search engines.

Ana Terrazos - Senior Account Manager at Beeanerd
Ana Terrazos

Senior Account Manager

Ana brings a wide range of experience and knowledge to the Beeanerd team.

Ivan Andrianov - Graphic Designer at Beeanerd
Ivan Andrianov

Graphic Designer

Motivated and results-driven, designer with 7+ years of experience.

Aldo Melgarejo | Chief Technology Officer at Beeanerd
Aldo Melgarejo

Chief Technology Officer

Aldo guides Beeanerd’s technology team and is highly strategic about business initiatives.

Belis DeMers - Head of Information & Philanthropy | Beeanerd
Belisarius DeMers

Head of Information and Philanthropy

Constantly researching, writing, coding and undertaking projects to better your business and our community.

Sol Melgarejo - Founder & Chief Strategist at Beeanerd
Sol Melgarejo

Founder & Chief Strategist

Leads our internal and client teams to make magic and bring your visions to life.

Have a question or Need nerd assistance?

 Whether it’s a new project or a simple inquiry, buzz us and we’ll respond in no time.

Some of Our Lovely Clients

Logan review
Logan Harris
Metolius River Resort-Manager

Worth the spend, they get results and are all they promise, we are fully booked. Our website is running smoothly, ROI has massively improved. Thanx!

Max Tucker
CEO IntellectApps

Beeanerd has an excellent and professional team. Very talented, highly educated and experienced young team who is ambitious and are great what they are doing. I highly recommend to trust them.

Arthur Koval
Start-up Founder

Very knowledgeable and helpful through the entire process of setting up a quality website and landing page.

What We Are Good At

Beeanerd helps businesses make strategic and creative advertising through the power of online marketing

We strive to innovate on traditional forms of advertising with cutting edge technology, adding new dimensions to advertising while finding fun and creative ways to captivate your audience.

Digital Marketing

Stop spending money on ads and start investing in your business. Digital marketing is extremely cost-effective.

Website Design

Tell your unique story and increase traffic with your optimized and professionally designed mobile-responsive website.

3D Animation

Beeanerd brings your products to life. Whether you need VFX, 3D Animation, Motion Graphics or some combination of these techniques

Mobile apps

Do you need the best mobile app developers at an affordable price? Look no further.

Custom Signs

We know signs generate sales without the additional monthly expense of advertisement. We’re all about marketing your products to bring more honey to your business.

Customer Support & Satisfaction

100% Satisfaction Guarantee or Your Money Back! Plus our dedicated team support, just reach out!
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