Stadium Sports Pub – Springfield’s newest place to catch the game!

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Stadium Sports Pub, Springfield’s newest place trusted BEEANERD on building a new premium website, that is fast and in accordance with their branding. Stadium ranked #1 within a month of opening on google business, with not reviews yet. To achieve high ranking on Google we proceed with SEO on their google business account months before opening day!

Website Design

Indoor Photography & Video

Drone Photography

Table Tents Design and Prints

Google Business

Search Engine optimization

Indoor pictures were taken, for their social media, website and google business account. Plus some drone footage.

We also created some content by taken some pictures of their food and cocktail menu. The restaurant, opened during COVID-19 and they needed some table tents with QR code Menus, we like to create table tents as freebies for our clients.

Stadium Sports Pub has been busy since the day they have opened! It was a pleasure working with them.