Choosing the right website in 2020

by Bee June 09, 2020
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You want a website, well here are few important things to take into consideration before you choose.

The first thing most people think about when considering purchasing any product is often the price. Generally, we want to save as much as possible, especially when we believe we’re getting the same product only at a lower price.

When it comes to web design and choosing between contracting a web developer or using a DIY website service (generally FREE at first, but NOT really). 

1. Cheap websites

FREE Websites: Yes free websites exits for a limited time and that’s the CATCH. After spending your valuable time, most likely you’ll get a subscription for about $30 a month, that’s $360 a year and probably more including email, add ons and deleting badges from their site.

So If you don’t mind spending your time (this is also a learning experience, which can be great) and don’t mind technology; DIY sites are great for you. Keep in mind looks don’t matter much, people finding your site is key. So SEO is a must!

Time is very important to us, so we are going to go straight to the point.

In our experience stay away from:

1: WIX: Simply Shady, if you create your domain name with them they will capture your domain name for at least 6 months if you ever want to move to another platform- No cool WIX! Really check their prices, not worth it. 


2: GODADDY Websites: Their other products are good, such as hosting (though you can fnd hosting for a 3rd of the price elsewhere), their domain prices are average. BUT Websites…PROS: are easy to work with if you want a very simple site (may as well just get a free Facebook business page or a blog with WordPress for FREE). Other than that it’s useless, can’t really integrate to must plugins and features in the current online market. I really recommend not wasting your time with this. 

STAY WITH: WordPress, Shopify, and other landing pages. 


2. Hiring a developer

Basically really do the math depending on your needs; many times at the end this option can be cheaper than DIY sites. 

Perhaps the most important aspect of contracting a professional is a professional and functional site, a site with intention or goal driven and SEO (Search Engine Optimization). It doesn’t matter how nice of a website you have regardless of who designed it if nobody can find it.

When one searches for whatever product, information or service you’re providing your website will need to be seen on the first few pages of a search engine in order for anyone to know that it even exists. This is where the benefits of having a professional make your website really come into play.

They’ll help greatly in getting your website a much higher ranking from search engines. After all, if a search engine cannot find your site easily then a potential client definitely won’t be able to.

Last but certainly not least are the webmaster services themselves. A website must be continually maintained to remain relevant to its industry. As mentioned previously, technology is constantly changing and for a website to sustain its popularity it must be up to date. Professional web designers have an array of webmaster services that you’ll benefit from so that your site will always be up to the latest standards.

3. Your brand and social media hacks!

Before you get started with your brand or website, check if your brand name is taken. Our favorite, Namecheckr.comis one of the tools to search domain and social username availability. Namecheckr.com makes it easy to see if the name you have in mind is available across a multitude of networks. 

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